Kristen Radtke

I don’t think choosing forms is ever a conscious decision, at least not for me. The best thing I can do for myself is follow my intuition — to write, or draw, in the direction I feel compelled to move...I think we have to do whatever we can to carve out a space in which we can create, and guard it ferociously.

2019 Whiting Creative Nonfiction Grantee

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Radtke is, first and foremost, a superhuman of illustration, a grandmaster like Adrian Tomine or Chris Ware. Her photo-based, exquisitely executed drawings appear more realistic and seductive than photographs could ever hope to be. . . Gorgeously eerie. . . . A portrait of a powerful mind grappling with alienation and loneliness.
New York Times Book Review
The most beautiful graphic novel you’ll read all year, Kristen Radtke’s memoir is an absolutely stunning look at what it is to recover from grief, and is so haunting you’ll be thinking about it for days after reading it.

Kristen Radtke is the author of the genre-smashing graphic memoir, Imagine Wanting Only This (Pantheon, 2017), a Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Pick, a Junior Library Guild Selection, and a Nylon Most Anticipated Book. The Chicago Tribune raved, "Imagine Wanting Only This [is] one of the most haunting graphic memoirs I've ever read. . . . There is a proud tradition of graphic memoirists—of those dually equipped to wield word and image—to tell the true and deeply considered story of a life. Alison Bechdel, Roz Chast, Riad Sattouf, David Small, Marjane Satrapi, Art Spiegelman and others have done it searingly well. And now to that list add Radtke, who proves herself an equal among equals with this debut book. . . ."

With breathtaking illustrations and piercing text, Imagine Wanting Only This never shies away from the big questions: why are we here and what will we leave behind?

Radtke received an MFA from the University of Iowa’s Nonfiction Writing Program. She is the former managing editor of Sarabande Books and is currently the art director and New York editor of The Believer. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.



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